Meeting day in Food Studio

We know that it is sometimes downright essential to get out of the office for the achievement of employee objectives. The refulgent facilities of Food Studio inspire and help people reach their objectives in the most pleasant way - in the morning, we welcome you with vitamin-rich smoothies, which will help you to get into a business-like mood. During the first break of the meeting, you will enjoy a healthy breakfast prepared by our chefs, and the meeting day will be concluded by a three-course lunch. If you wish, you have the opportunity to prepare the lunch by yourselves as a team under the guidance of our chefs. We will provide you with a seminar room equipped with the necessary facilities and appliances, a friendly waiter and a chef who will take care of you during the entire day of the meeting. A meeting in Food Studio includes:

The use of Food Studio until 16:00

A vitamin-rich breakfast smoothie

Unlimited coffee and water during the meeting

A healthy breakfast

A three-course lunch (upon request, team preparing of the lunch under the guidance of a Food Studio chef)