Meie veebilehe kasutamise jätkamisega nõustute küpsiste kasutamisega. Kui soovite keelata küpsiste salvestamist teie seadmesse, kohandage palun oma brauseri turvaseadeid.

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Blind dinner

Our blind dinners do not take place in total darkness, though we do wear blindfolds. The evening begins as usual with a welcome cocktail. We walk guests through what’s going to happen, and then we turn off our sense of sight.

This meal is exciting, but it’s also safe. When something is placed on the table in front of you, your shoulder is touched. When you need something, raise your hand and we’re there.

This events lasts about four hours, but about three hours after we start you’ll remove your blindfold to use all your senses and engage with one another. And the view out our restaurant’s menu becomes even more amazing after a couple hours of darkness.

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