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Cooking together 

(it’s what made us famous)

Our group cooking menus are continually updated. Currently we offer five: Mediterranean food, classical French, meats, Asian kitchen, and modern Estonian food. For the summer season we offer a grilling menu.

Group cooking goes like this: We welcome each other with a cocktail, and then together we prepare a four-course dinner which we enjoy with wine. We also offer tea, coffee, and water. All this takes place in our two-floor studio where there’s a kitchen island, bar, dining room, amazing views and, of course, great company. 

Some groups want to do everything from scratch (under our tutelage). Some want to do little. Others want to just feel good. In the last instance, we prepare the food and make sure everything flows. We’re comfortable with all these options. Just tell us your expectations and we’ll make it happen.

We affectionately call our kitchen island a stage. But not everyone likes to be on stage. And why should they? The charm of these events is that everyone feels equally well, both those who want to just chill out and those who want to actively cook. 

These events typically last four hours.

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